weird that I'm Oak and they're Pine, 


Follow the yarn...  September 28-30, 2018

Scavenger Hunt   
It's easy to play, just: 

1. Visit as many stores as you can.  

2. Find the jar of pinecones.  Hint: it might just hold one pinecone, or maybe 50. And look for the bright red knit leaf attached to it!  

3. Write down the number and name of the store where you found it.  If you're posting remember not to show the number in your photo :)

4. Email your list to yarncrawlnyc@gmail.com no later than 5pm pm on Thursday October 4th.

​5. Your name will be entered into the raffle for one of three grand prizes!

-Jar of Pinecones, Brooklyn, 2018

Scavenger Hunt winners:






We'll contact you directly to arrange for you to pick up your prize!


To be entered into all three Grand Prize raffles, correctly identify all 12 jars by matching their number up with the store they're in.

To be entered into the Second and Third Grand Prize raffles, correctly identify 9 or more jars.

To be entered into the Third Grand Prize raffle, correctly identify 6 or more jars.

but whatever."

-Knit Oak leaf, Manhattan, 2018

"Find me in each store and record my number!"

All prize items are subject to change without notice based on availability, delivery or other unforeseen issues.

Individual store raffle winners:  
ANNIE & CO:  1st - Ann Stuchiner   2nd - Bailey Benoot   3rd - Marlene Ford

ARGYLE YARN SHOP:  1st - Nicole Fisher    2nd - Emily Manley   3rd - Kathryn Treacy

BROOKLYN GENERAL STORE:  1st - Judy Frank   2nd - Yeon Gyeong Lee  3rd - Anne Passeck

​DOWNTOWN YARNS:  1st - Jenna (lizzy.mitts)   2nd - Jenny Moon  3rd - Alyx Cullen

KNITTY CITY:  1st - Patricia Marrin   2nd - Cairo Romaguero  3rd - Eryka Fuksman

LION BRAND YARN STUDIO:  1st - Mia Farineli  2nd - Tom Cork 3rd - Dlaine Miley

PURL SOHO:  1st - Ann-Marie Cavallaro   2nd - Gina Cicconi  3rd - Jen (jsr1515)

SCHOOL PRODUCTS YARN​:  1st - Corinna Catalano   2nd - Kate Schimmer  3rd - Sara Mennons

SEAPORT YARNS:  1st - Bjorn Halldors   2nd - Rebecca Saltzer   3rd - Allison Fisher

STRING THING STUDIO:  1st - Emily Wilkerson   2nd - Abby Finer   3rd - Ali Barclay

STRING YARNS:  ​1st - Brittany Gerstein   2nd - Elizabeth Germano   3rd - Celeste Leibowitz

​WOOLYN:  1st - Debra James   2nd - Suzanne Heartfelt   3rd - Sara Bobo

Your stores will contact you directly so you can pick up your prize!

Grand Prizes include sweater amounts or yarn, special skeins, kits, accessories, books and all kinds of wonderful goodies from our sponsors. There are three levels, First Second and Third Grand Prizes.  The more store you visit, the more raffles you're eligible for.​​

Good luck Yarnistas!

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Individual Store Raffles 

Each participant on the yarn crawl is entitled to one free raffle entry at each store they visit, over the course of the crawl weekend. Just sign in at the store and you're automatically entered.  Each store has 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. The more stores you visit, the more chances to win!

Prizes include luxury yarn, gift certificates, accessories and all kinds of goodies from our wonderful sponsors.  

"Look for me tied onto the jar.  Kinda